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Professionally, I have practiced law at the Allahabad High Court but left with a bitter realization that the Rule of Law is a mere “Rubber Frame” for the rich and a “Steel Frame” for the poor. I felt that I failed to address the issues faced by marginalized people. Thereafter, I led “Inner Wheel Club, Allahabad” as President and “Rotary Club of Vasundhara, Ghaziabad” as chartered president.
I am proud to have been recognized with National and International awards for my honest efforts. However, I always felt clipped with limitations in these social organizations. I always believed that I had to do something substantial to make a difference in the society. I must say – obstructions, limitations, and crisis have been my best teachers in life. My father, Shri Arjun Mahadev Bhise, groomed me in prosperity but made me realize what scarcity is. Since childhood, he shaped me to be people centric, rather than a self-centric. I am eternally grateful to my mother, Smt. Shashikala Bhise, who made me today – a strong woman with firm beliefs and values. I was working alone in the early years, as I prefer to work in my own way. However, now I am fortunate to be supported by people of similar ideologies who believe in our mission, vision and ambitions. The extensive and genuine support Arjun Foundation gets from its members is phenomenal, hats off to everyone. 


Delighted to introduce our fantastic team


Dr. Suhasini Inamdar

Director (Southern India)
Highly respected and recognized doctor with expertise in field of Obstetrics, Gynecology, Laparoscopy, and Infertility. A role model for women, she imparts the foundation with indispensable insights.

Dr. Mrunalini Kalnawat

Director (Central India)
Chairperson, Chinmaya Nursing Home Wadala, she is one of the renowned surgeons of Mumbai and known for her personal touch especially to underprivileged people.

Ms. Alka

Director (Western India)
A dynamic Country Head of Georgian College Canada for South East Asia is equally concerned with under privileged children to make them realize their potentials and dreams.

Ms. Shubhda Jambhekar

Director (Eastern India)
Ms. Shubhda Jambhekar is the youngest Director but the highest in terms of energy levels, travelling across India to generate awareness about education health and hygiene. She is an Engineer by profession but an expert in social engineering.

Mrs. Geeta Bhargava
Mrs. Bharti Upadhayay
Mrs. Usha Gupta

Team Gurugram
We are fortunate to have them in our team to lead Haryana chapter of Arjun Foundation. They are the best examples of “PARHIT SARIS DHARAM NAHI BHAI”. Their untiring efforts to bring smile on the faces of marginalized people are commendable.

Dr. Khushboo Garg
Mrs. Amrit Gambhir
Dr Rajlaxmi Pande

Team New Delhi
Leads Arjun Foundation in Delhi. Their instinctive quality of getting connected to people on a receiving end is far beyond expression. they generates positive attitude, reasons to smile, and develops ability to fight against challenges. Counseling of Youth women empowerment and self defence for girls is their main area of operation.


We welcome those Political Masters, Social Activists, Journalists, Bureaucrats, Retired Civil and Defence Personnel, Fellow Citizens, NRIs, who want to bring a smile on many more faces before bidding adieu to this world.


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